Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wild Violets are Blooming

Wild Violets and Mason Jar Terrariums

Wild Violets are Edible

My front yard is carpeted with lovely wild violets.  Also known as Violas.  Do you know the flowers and the leaves are edible and can be used in salads, to make teas, flavored water and vinegar.  You can even make wild violet jelly.  While I'm more inclined to purchase it, there is a lovely shop in North Carolina which sells wild violet jelly and syrup on Etsy.  I am going to make violet vinegar very soon and will post on the experience.
Half Gallon Blue Ball Mason Jar by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy

Wild Violets Make Good Terrarium Plants

They're so irresistible I used one as a prop for a large half gallon vintage Blue Ball Mason Jar which I think would make a stunning terrarium container.  In fact violets make wonderful terrarium

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Honoring Boston

Boston - My kind of town!

When I was a child my family lived in Massachusetts for four and a half years while my father was stationed at Westover AFB.  My mother had a friend who lived in Boston and we traveled there to visit her as well as the usual shopping and sightseeing.  I saw the Beatles there.  While I haven't been to Boston in over 30 years, I keep the city in my heart and fond memories.  Never more than yesterday and today.

Pat from LakesideCottage on Etsy, one of my Etsy Integrity of Vintage teammates created a small tribute treasury.  Boston, our team of 175 members are with you.  Keeping you in our prayers.  Click on the link below photograph of the tribute and it will take you to the treasury, where you can show your support by leaving a comment.

Click here to go the treasury to leave a comment.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anniversary Celebration

TheInspiredTrader's 2nd Anniversary!

Vintage Online Store
Anniversary Sale

I am pleased to announce our annual vintage online store Anniversary Sale Celebration has begun!

Thank you for making TheInspiredTrader's first two years on Etsy such a success!