Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains

October Toccoa River Walk

The Taccoa rocks.

As we move deeper into autumn, I've noticed nature has been busy readying itself for winter these past weeks here in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia.  I watched as the ground bees excavated a hole and buried themselves making a warm underground home for winter and "our" chipmunk hasn't been seen in days.  A little garter snake left the green areas, crossed the drive and headed to the rocky mountain side now hunting for a suitable place to slumber.  Our little fence lizard, who we named Brutus, the constant guardian of our stone steps over the summer hasn't been seen since the full moon.

The forest dwellers and mountain folk alike have been readying themselves for colder weather.  The smell of wood burning fireplaces has begun to fill the evening air and the wood cutters who have their stands set up at the base of the mountain are happy as their inventory is low.  The talk going 'round says that this promises to be one cold winter.

Over the past couple of weeks my hikes have been on the old wood roads which take me back to the mountain creek areas.  I've been saving a walk down to the Aska area of the Taccoa river until the colors were just right.  It was a delight and I am happy to share the sights and activities with you.

Even though it was brisk there were many of us enjoying what the river had to offer today.

The Taccoa rocks in the Aska area of Blue Ridge is a popular destination for artists and photographers.

This artist from Atlanta made the trip with two friends from Marietta to paint the river views this weekend.

Some times even when you have work to do you must heed the call of your soul.

You can't walk the river bank here so I'm taking the high road up on the mountainside looking down upon the river.

Whenever I see the enormous boulders I think of the ancient glaciers whose ice flows created these mountains.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On Autumn's Doorstep

The talk has turned to all things October like slow foods, pumpkin muffins and a splash of Baileys in your weekend coffee.  With baking friendly temperatures and fun activities like pumpkin hunting October really says hello to community festivals and fun times.  October is also an important organizational month for any home.  Here's a short check list to keep the Holiday and busy social season on track.

1.)  Get your fall cleaning done by the 20th of the month.  You'll thank yourself over and over again!

  • Clean windows for fall and winter.
  • Clean window sills.
  • Get the cobs webs down before the Halloween decorations go up!
  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Pressure wash outside areas where needed.
  • Vacuum registers.
  • Clean all your fall and winter bed clothes and blankets.
  • Pack away your summer clothing.
Add your ideas to the comments!  

2.)  Been too busy to decorate?  Get your front door, porch and window boxes decorated for Autumn.  If you do, even a bowl full of apples sitting on the table will feel like fall.

3.)  Find three fun outfits to wear for expected social events.  Don't forget to check out Etsy's vintage shops!

4.)  Select the dates for your Holiday parties and get them on the calendar.

5.)  Shop for your updated autumn home decor on Etsy!

6.)  Stock the pantry for fall.  By stocking the pantry with aromatic coffee and tea, real honey, real maple syrup and the staples to make cookies, muffins or biscotti.  You'll be prepared to knock everyone's socks off when the mood hits to surprise everyone with an old fashioned homemade treat.

7.)  Make life easy by preparing slow foods in the crock pot.

This week I'll be hunting around for fun inexpensive porch decorating ideas so I'm ready to decorate the porch this weekend.

What is your autumn game plan?
Have a photograph of your front porch or door all decked out?  Send it to me and I'll post it!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your homes and ideas!