Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Brown Jugs

These two little brown jugs are from a farm in Indiana, brown crockery beehive style with Albany Slip glaze, which I have listed in my shop on Etsy.  With the cost of signed Red Wing Stoneware rising, unsigned jugs aren't far behind in price and are one area where values are not falling, or in a holding pattern, but rising in a depressed market.  These brown Albany Slip jugs date back to the 1800s.

Albany Slip refers to the brown glaze, created by mixing glacial clay from upstate New York with water, discovered in the early 1800s; it was used on the exterior and interior of crockery and is highly desirable due to its sealing properties necessary for ease of cleaning and storing liquids.  Glacial clay is now in short supply as sources have declined.  New crockery and pottery pieces utilizing Albany Slip are demanding high prices in the market; which is another reason vintage specimens represent an ideal value.

Including vintage in your decorating schemes help make it a home and in a way that cannot be duplicated.  Carefully selected and edited vintage lends a depth of character, a touch of history and a visual support for your design style and the mood you’re creating.

Stoneware can accentuate many design styles not just cabin or farmhouse chic.  While they are steeped in Americana, the use of jugs was universal to the human experience crossing all cultural boundaries.  When you look for vintage, think of props, and how a piece can help to visually communicate the story.  For example, if you like the combination of: leather seating, warm wood tones, and transitional furniture but want to bring in a little rustic influence; a grouping of jugs works nicely with deer or elk horns to achieve a refined rustic ambiance.  Pieces can be transitioned in and out giving your home a seasonal fresh look.  These jugs will also work very well with Southwestern, Mission, and Craftsman styles and artwork because of the clean lines.