Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Casual Fashions and Accessories

Vintage & Handmade Make a Fabulous Casual Mix - Fall 2012

Vintage Boyfriend Casual Fashions & Accessories
Vintage & Handmade Go Hand in Hand for Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Fashion and Jewelry Trend - Upscale Casual

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the wonderful vintage and handmade fall fashions available on Etsy including some of my vintage jewelry.  I couldn't think of a better way to begin than with a handmade updated version of the Boyfriend shirt and a simple pair of vintage blue jeans.  What could be more classic, comfy and versatile?

Dress them up or down for a day filled with shopping, a long brunch with the Sunday crossword puzzle or the latest issue of Vanity Fair, throw on a jacket for a night at the movies and dinner.  Match them up with earthy colors, subtle leathers and show off your statement jewelry and accessories.

The Basics - The Classic Blue Jean & The Boyfriend Shirt

Vintage Levis 517 Denim Blue Jeans 33 x 30 Great Fade
Vintage Levis 517 Jean by PoisonPuddingFaire on Etsy

Boyfriend fashion has been trending for several years now and can be seen on the runway as well as the gossip pages which show the likes of Jennifer Aniston wearing her boyfriends jeans.  What many don't realize, it's roots date back to the 1950s along with the tradition of the wearing your steady's Varsity jacket and pinning.

The Accessories - Vintage Jewelry and Accessories

What's pinning you ask?  "Pinning" was when a couple was going "steady" and the girl would wear her boyfriends fraternity or club pin to let everyone know she wasn't available.  If her steady was in an athletic club and had received a Varsity letter jacket girls often wore those too!  Let's face it we love wearing little outward expressions of love and our boyfriends clothes!

Vintage Jewelry

Classic vintage jewelry will mix and match with ease to give you a designer look for less.  Many pieces will cross over styles, such as the beautiful statement necklace which is actually an art deco piece.  It melds nicely with a southwest and tribal look.  

925 Silver Taxco Hoop Earrings Southwestern Starburst
925 Silver Taxco Hoop Earrings by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy

Sterling Silver Earrings Moon with Filigree - Post Style
Sterling Silver Moon Concho Earrings by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy

Taxco Sterling Silver and Abalone Leaf Bracelet
Taxco Sterling Silver & Abalone Leaf Bracelet by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy

Vintage necklace black Art Deco waterfall glass cascading seed beads with bronze accents
Vintage Statement Necklace by TheVintageFunkery on Etsy

Vintage Accessories

Accessorize with different styles of vintage shoes, belts and accessories for a totally different look! Add a belt with playful studs and concho style accents; it will add a rich layer to your outfit and help define the style.

80s Genuine Leather Belt Designer Brass Accents Studded ORIGINAL Sand Castle NY Paris
Vintage Studded Belt by KMalinka on Etsy

Vintage Black Leather Belt USMECO Cowgirl Belt Unique Belt Studded Belt Metal Studded Belt
Vintage Black Leather Belt Concho Style by anutemilie on Etsy

Vintage Woven Genuine Leather Dark Brown Hobo Shoulder Bag Handbag by Apostrophe
Vintage Woven Leather Boho Shoulder Bag by KMalinka on Etsy

SALE Granny Brown Genuine Leather Boots Vintage Wedge Ankle Boots Nine West  Zip Up Sz 6.5
Granny Brown Leather Boots by KMalinka on Etsy

Thanks for peeking!  Next week I'll bring you a new look from wonderful vintage and handmade on Etsy!  You can see my other fun, funky and fabulous vintage with this link:  TheInspiredTrader