Monday, August 20, 2012

Virtual vs Scrapbook Collecting

New Age vs Vintage Wish Lists Scrapbooks and Collages

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Small Geode Half by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy
When I was young keeping a scrapbook with pages and pictures cut out of catalogs, newspapers and magazines was a way to keep track of the things you loved, wanted, or would dream about.  Many a pictorial wish list was later turned into a letter to Santa or was shown to Mom and Dad with a "See!  This is what I'd like for my birthday!"  Later, I began to make collages with different themes, some political always some type of social commentary or music related.  Mostly glued onto 8 1/2" x 11" pieces of paper I would show them off by framing and setting them on my book shelves among my special books like Rod McKuen, The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, as well as the works of Kahil Gibran and my collections of prized "things" such as metal sculptures from a local art show, the intricate inlaid wood box from my father, geodes and other what-not's.

1920s Advertising Scrapbook
1920's Advertising Scrapbook by MaryBethHale on Etsy

Mixed Media Jewelery Holder/ The Natural Bling Lover
Mixed Media Jewelry Holder by PeachFire on Etsy

I often wish I had kept the collages along with my old scrapbook, which got thrown away during some move when I was "cleansing."  Long enough ago that I don't even remember; dismissed as childhood foolishness.  Or taken them to the next level, to be loved and displayed, such as PeachFires mixed media jewelry holder.

But, who knew that 20 +/- years later I would be paid for cutting pictures from catalogs and books, having photographs enlarged and pasting them onto foam core boards with labels to create presentations which would be sent to companies like Trammel Crow, Gables Development, governmental agencies like the State of Florida, the County of Orange.  I also wrote copy and created graphics for Trade Shows which would be seen by hundreds of people a day.  Sweet times, I loved my job, cutting, pasting and creating both on the computer as well as in the tactile world where fabric swatches and wood samples were glued next to photographs and you were expected to trust the Designer or Engineer and use your imagination.

Vintage Scrapbook by TheInspiredTrader on Etsy

These days, that which I love and the things I "collect" are for my shop on Etsy and my audience is no longer corporate but very personal.  I've just started to put my dream collections on Pinterest and however much I adore being able to keep all the things I'd love to have in my "Cabin" in one place to show the world; sometimes I miss the feel of cool metal scissors in my hand, the smell of glue and the crinkling sound of turning pages thickened with Elmer's and magazine clippings.

Which form of collecting dreams do you prefer?  Or do you love them both like me!