Friday, March 15, 2013

Signs of Spring

The First Signs of Spring

I'm enjoying the first signs of Spring in the otherwise dreary landscapes here in Aska area of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Forsythia bushes in the morning light.

When the buds on the bushes which line the drive began to open I was so pleased to see their happy yellow petals.  Forsythia and witch hazel are one of the first bloomers in the garden and often are blooming when there is still snow on the ground.

Identifying the bushes had to wait until spring as when we first moved here in September of 2012 these four were already beginning to lose their leaves.  I wasn't sure if they were witch hazel or forsythia.

The flowers, similar at a distance, are quite different upon closer inspection.  The forsythia has a bell shaped flower, while the witch hazel flower, although about the same size, looks more like a spider flower and is comprised of thin tendrils.

Click on the photographs for a full size view!

Waiting to see what type of bulbs these are!

I have much work to do in the yard and garden, which is a happy problem!  I anxiously await the many secrets of our new garden to be revealed as Spring progresses.  We have a wonderful fire pit located behind this large maple.

Several of the smaller flat leaved plants appear to be wild daisies.  Dandelions and wild daisies are very similar plants also. Too soon to tell, so until I know for sure they are allowed to stay!  But obviously I need to get the weed whacker out...perhaps on Sunday.  You can see in the background quite a few small/young trees which have clung onto their dead leaves all winter.  I'm resisting the urge to go and clip off the long dead leaves; I am so tired of seeing brown.

Hen on a nest salt cellar available in my shop on Etsy

I took the opportunity to add just a touch of Forsythia to a photo shoot of a new listing for my Etsy shop today.  A sweet little reminder of Spring and the tiny flowers were the perfect size not to overpower this small salt cellar.

What does your spring garden look like?  Send me a photo to and I'll add it to the post!