Thursday, October 23, 2014


Woodland Inspiration

Handmade Mossy Mountain Pomander Kissing Ball for Rustic Woodland Christmas or Weddings

I've started working on some handmade for my shop.  I've been wanting to do a little handmade along with the vintage I sell.  Decor that will honor the mountains where I now live and the Florida coast that I love.  Things which translate to casual living that can be dressed up or down depending on the decor it's used with.

I love Christmas and each year looked forward to creating vignettes and decorations for my home.  So it isn't a surprise that I've selected the holidays to begin testing the handmade waters on Etsy with some nature inspired home decor.

The photograph above is a little collection of the woodland color pallet I see while hiking every day now that the weather is nice.  It's been raining so the pine cones are either a little closed or darkened by the moisture.  The leaves are turning and the grasses have gone to seed.  The black walnuts are dropping and snatched up by the squirrels almost as quickly as they fall.  I was lucky to be able to grab one on my hike.  This is my inspiration; natures beautiful fall color pallet.

Introducing my first handmade offering a woodland pomander kissing ball.  Made with moss, vintage wooden beads, tiny pine cones (I sell in my shop) natural jute twine, natural burlap and pink coated spun cotton balls.  I wanted to create something which would easily transition from fall to Christmas.  I imagine them hanging in a doorway, in a set of windows.  If you are looking for a particular color scheme just let me know and I work with you to create a custom order.

I'd love to send a little bit to the mountains to you! I think I've captured the woodland colors and textures of fall in the Blue Ridge mountains.  I hope you think so too.

I'm working on a macrame garland bunting made out of natural jute, vintage beads from an old wicker planter (falling apart and too fragile to sell) wooden snowflakes and pine cones.  I'll be sharing that in the next day or two.  I'd love your feedback.  You can see the pomander kissing ball in my shop with this link:

I'd love your feedback.  Would you like a Tutorial on how to make pomander kissing balls?  Any suggestions or comments are welcome.  Be kind. :-)

Thanks for stopping in!  Deb