Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Hike

The Winter Forest - Blue Ridge Mountians

It is no surprise that in the winter forest it is nature's preponderance of the small.  Modest offerings as the forest rests and waits for spring.  Mirroring nature, our small unassuming Christmas day was spent talking with loved ones and relaxing.  Having been cooped-up in the cabin for the past week, it felt good to be out walking the mountain sides again.

My hiking buddies, Buddy (our dog) and Bonnie (our cat).

My hiking buddies were happy too!  Buddy hates having his picture taken (and resisted this procedure), you can see from Bonnie's stance she's wondering just what is holding us up. With that "well are you coming" over the should look.

I present to you natures Christmas.  This snapshot of our walk in the woods.  While hiking I was thinking of small blessings, of finding pleasure in the small things in life.  The choice to be happy with less.

Buche de Noel, inspired by nature.

Mushrooms pushing up from the forest floor.

Bonnie is the queen of the forest!

Buddy "suffers" another photo.

He's thinking, "Can't we just GO!"

Bonnie is way ahead of us, she likes going ahead sometimes.

The mountains are threaded with old wood roads such as this one.  Made so the mules could pull the giant pines out to the main roads.  They lead no where and abruptly end, but they make for good hiking.

I find the weathered old stumps beautiful.  Especially when they are saturated with rain.

Wild holly trees abound in this area.  This one is wearing her Christmas berries.

The gifts of nature, gratefully accepted this Christmas day.  Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas from the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Deb